Video Management Suite

Upload, Manage and Monetise all your video content from one dashboard

1. Your manager

Product overview

Video management suite is a one end dashboard to control all your videos activities which includes uploading, editing, management, reporting and monetization.

By means one-point, you will upload your video on and from there, our system will sync and manage across all your connected platforms so you don’t have to re-upload or edit videos one by one across the network.

2. Technically smart

Upload & Management

This product comes in handy for those who have multiple digital profile on, Youtube, Facebok and Dailymotion.

We allow our users to upload videos from Website Uploader, Mobile Uploader, Google Drive, Drop-box or even from your Youtube Accounts.

Syncing with networks

Once the video is uploaded on, Our system will automatically uploads your video to different network under your banner which will be first Authorized by you by going to Link Social Accounts page. Currently we support


In simple, all You have to do is to upload video on Tune and the rest our system will do the trick. If You have to edit Thumbnail, Title or anything. You just do on and all other platforms will be updated automatically.

3. Visual presenter

Efficient Reporting

Our system also collects stats from your networks to gives you a comprehensive report to give you an overview and a detailed insights about how well are you performing. This will also help you in growing your audience and increase your revenue by comparing with different networks and go with the best by using our Dynamic Embed.

4. Adjustable

Dynamic Embed

Dynamic Embed feature let you choose a player of your choice or as per your settings.

This is the most exciting tool which will boost your revenues. Once you upload a video on Tune, we will provide you with a Dynamic Embed. This embed code can switch to any desired Player i.e Tune or Youtube or Dailymotion at any point without changing any line of code.

This gives you control over your player choice such that you can choose which player to display at what time and switch to a better player to increase your revenue.

Bonus : Tune also provides you with an auto-switch, we will switch to best player who ever gives you the highest revenue.

We want to give you an easy experience with reports help you grow.

Want to try?

Want to try our product first? You can start with our 30-day trial.

Are there more plans?

Yes, we offer customised plan for enterprise with more control over content and monetisation, Please feel free to send us your query and we will get back you with a solution.

Plan Discounts

We do offer discounts to educational and non-profit organisations.