Together we can do so much!

We always look forward to creating new bonds with positive outcome for all stake holders.

What Exactly Does? is an internet & Media Company who made its footprints in Video Service industry. We are a platform where people can upload videos which is also termed as UGC (User Generated Content). Users can also generate revenue from our Platform. Apart from this, we also provide services to our Clients & Partners to deliver Content across different channels & media devices including Live stream, Ad push and HTML 5 player.
In very simple language, we are a complete Video Streaming/Management Platform.

What kind of partnership is offering?

The partnership comes hand in hand and we always take interest where there is a mutual Benefit.

Being a platform with access to a large piece of Audience, Highly Scalable Platform, Experience Technical team and mature business setup; has potential to provide services in many areas for our partners. Here are some of the areas where there could be a potential Strategic partnership

  • If you are a content creator or producer and looking to monetize or to set up own channel
  • If you a content license distributor and want to reach more audience
  • A TV Channel or a Media house to manage their content online
  • A Brand or Company looking to reach more eyeballs or to generate sales
  • Telco company looking for A Video Platform
  • Wants to promote regional content
  • Wants to set up a platform for specific audience
  • Content Caching / CDN / Video Streaming company
  • Enterprise looking for video system
  • Internet Service Provider

How to carry out a Strategic Partnership with us?

At first, you send us your proposal or contact us through a form. Our team will get back to you with Possibilitiesies. Depending on the nature of partnership we can set up an online video conference or meet in person if required, this might includes travelling.

Once both parties agree to the term we can sign an agreement and will do a press release if required.

What is looking for?

We are looking to expand our footprints in different regions and would love to learn if there is a potential partnership if you are a

  • Content Distributor and ready to license
  • Telcom company to offer value-added service in form of
  • Ad Agency with Client base for digital advertising

Is this available in my country?

Yes, we live in a digital age where borders do not limit us.