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40% YOY growth with 1 Billion page-views recorded in year 2016

With our in-house developed platform with scalable infrastructure, comes with all power tools to become next face of Video Sharing Industry by offering more to our publishers, content creators and media industry.

How we tune digital media

Learn more about, our numbers, growth and ad spaces we are offering in our Media Kit.

A passionate team, visionary leadership

Our team loves what we do, we take challenges as sports.
Solid Platform

All Required tools for videos, live stream and advertising, Centrally aligned in one stable platform.

We own our technology, Everything developed in-house by our dedicated team of experts.

We understand the core value of our business from monetization for content makers to ROI for Advertisers.
Technically Faster

Always adopt new technologies earlier than others. Fast in development and efficient in delivery.

All we want to do is

Localized Platforms, Localized Talent, Worldwide Connection

When started building, We wanted to take local content, broadcast it and make it public to the world. Over the time we started added more features considering business options and today we are a UGC and PaaS.

With our HTML5 Player and live streaming setup, we can give a unique taste to our customers by adopting the persona of their like. We have everything made in-house and the reason we don’t have any limits in turning good into best.

Our targeted industries

Digital Advertising

80 Billion
Digital Ad spend

Video PaaS

8 Billion
Digital video services
1 Billion
Yearly Pageviews

Monthly viewers

And growing every day, our platform started from Pakistan but has visitors from all over the world.


Mobile Users

Bounce Rate

We keep evolving technically across all platforms

We know about a shift coming from TV to Digital and from Desktop to Mobile, we have got it all covered.

We also have over 600,000+ app downloads installed on iOS & Andoird.

A lot of time, people

don’t know what they want

until you show it to them.

Steve Jobs.

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