Your player, your control.

Beautifully crafted, HTML5, MPEG-DASH, HLS with Live streaming enabled.

Sexy Design

True Power


Mobile ready

Adaptive Streaming


Design & Vision

Our player should be fast, quick and always respond. We understand our users and we know what they expect when they expect. We design our player in such a way that we don't have to tell our user how to operate. Its very simple, elegant and beautiful.

  • HTML5
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Live Streaming with HLS & MPEG Dash
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Advertisement
  • Customization with Re-branding

This is Tune Player v4

We rolled out our first version in 2013 just before when HTML5 became the industry standard for delivering videos and became early adopters of the technology. Since then our player has continuously evolved to match the need and become more dynamic to work across all platforms.


Our player is fully compatible with latest technologies including MP4 h264, MPEG-DASH, HLS streaming. It also works smoothly with our adaptive streaming, auto-quality switch. We keep updating our player to stream across all devices.


You can completely brand your player with your logo and colours. Add subtitles, multiple qualities, Live streaming and everything that you need to broadcast your content.


Our player is fully compatible with VPaid and Vast, we have also integrated Google IMA SDKs and delivering rich content ads. The advertisement is a core part of our design & development with smart placements and clean display.

Events & Analytics

The player comes with detailed events firing, linked with our analytics and can be linked to any external tool giving you detailed insights how users are interacting with the content.

About Tune Player

How can we use this player?

You can create a free account on and start uploading your videos, once uploaded you can see an embed code which you can use it in your blogs or post it on your website.

Can we use it on our website with our logo?

The free version does not come with branding feature, you can have it by activating our branded player feature. Currently, your videos are stored and uploaded to our video platform. At the moment we do not have plans to release a standalone version.

How do we use it for live streaming?

After enabling our live streaming feature, you will have a separate dashboard where you can upload your livestream and get a unique embed code for your website and a link where your viewers can watch.

Will this player work on my mobile device?

We support most of the modern devices, our player works fully functional on Android 4+ and IOS 8+. Please read about our technical specification.