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Transparency is the essence of user satisfaction and retention. We are clean cut between customers and law enforcement or any other governmental entities.

Since 2019, we have started to maintain data about the requests related to content takedown and disclosure of the information about our users.

We work hard to maintain a safe and vibrant community. We have Community Guidelines that set the rules of the road for what we don’t allow on For instance, we do not allow pornography, incitement to violence, harassment, or hate speech. relies on partners and our community around the world to review flagged videos and remove content that violates our terms of service; restrict videos (e.g., age-restrict content that may not be appropriate for all audiences); or leave the content live when it doesn’t violate our guidelines. Automated flagging enables us to act more quickly and accurately to enforce our policies. 

You can always check Tune’s Transparency Report here:

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