We are upgrading our Revenue Sharing and Monetization System

By January 14, 2020 No Comments

Dear Tuners,

It has been 3 years since we started rolling out our Revenue Sharing Program and we received an overwhelming response from the publishers all over the World. 

Though, being a company established in Pakistan, there had been a lot of challenges of keeping and maintaining international standards for the system. Regardless of the limited payment options and unavailability of any major payment processor in the country, we still maintained an efficient system by using conventional banking channels only.

We are now moving forward by partnering with our international partners to process payments faster, Furthermore, we are also changing our Payment Manager.

We are now planning to invite over 5,000 publishers to join our program and increasing the overall revenue performance which would start showing results in a month.

Moreover, we will now upgrade existing payments manager to a block-chain based ledger system which will help you track your payments transparently and help us verify and process them faster. 

I hope this news will be joyful for many of our existing publishers and for those who are looking to join us.

Tune, we connect the dots.

P.S. Currently, We are not dealing in any crypto-currency

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