Arslan Ash, Evo 2019 Tekken 7 Champion!

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Pakistan is a land where the trend of gaming is quite less because of socio-culture approach and facilities. Arslan Ash is the name who is breaking the stereotype and making it happen. This young gamer just won Evo 2019 Tekken 7 championship and we can’t have had enough.
Among 8 players, 4 countries, Arslan stood the champion. At the age of 23, he not only knocked out a champion but also proved that Pakistan is not less than anyone. After winning the championship Arslan’s words were

“There are many other strong players like me in Pakistan waiting for an opportunity to compete internationally–and their numbers are growing.”

Initially, Arslan was known for his play in The King of Fighters series in Pakistan. He also won EVO Japan 2019 and made us proud by defeating single-handedly a known champion in Tekken 7 EVO 2019 in Vegas. Gaming savvies and professional is feeling proud of this young champion and expressing love on twitter.

While going through the videos of the tournament we can notice that this was a difficult and close victory for Arslan. Arslan pulling off the first round with a steady set of safe moves. The competent Knee tried his best and thus both the contestant remains determined. This is how Arslan Ash from Pakistan won Tekken 7 EVO 2019. Let’s take a moment to praise this champion.

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