Ban On Huawei Could be over soon! What will be the future of Android with Huawei?

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Earlier in G20 summit in Japan, Trump clearly declared that he will be lifting and creating ease for the ban on Huawei and later it was covered by the Washington Post report as well. Though any official statement is yet to be released about this matter. Recalling the history of this conflict, we witnessed some serious clashes between U.S and China regarding trade market and especially technical giants like Huawei and Android.  In another resource the Wall Street Journal, Trump also included that the countries will decide what to do further with these companies.  

Trump notability added in his speech that “ What we (U.S) have done in silicon valley is incredible and nobody has been able to compete with it. And I have agreed to allow them to sell their products (to Huawei)”.

On the occasion G20 summit in Japan when Trump gave this statement which is still just a signal to lift up ban on Huawei. There will be a confirm news about this anytime soon. On the other hand, when Huawei was asked about this particular statement they replied, “We acknowledged the statement and said they have no further comments regarding this.”

Ban on Huawei

Huawei had mentioned it earlier that this ban will not affect old users at all. The crux of this good news is U.S companies like Google and Android are all set good to smartphone chains and network suppliers. But here a point arises, What will be the future of Android with Huawei? What will be the future of Ark OS? Fingers crossed for any further decision and news regarding this stance. 

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