What is the importance and value of Content score in video Content?

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What happens when we have millions of videos coming on our platform and we really want to promote those that are good in quality content? we have faced this challenge since the start. We wanted to solve this problem with AI backed solid scoring system.

Content Score

We will now help you enter your content data and suggest you on how you can improve it and cater more views. This is exactly like you are sitting in an exam and you know very well that more you will synchronize and give details about the topic, more you will be able to score well. Similarly, content score is the same thing in the process of video production. While uploading video content at there are few scoring criteria all content publishers must follow.

This content score will depend on the following factors majorly. These factors are as given below.


We are now limiting title length to 120 characters and we recommend 50~70 Characters. Best practice is to set title in a way people can understand what are they going to get in the video. Simple the title, easy to understand by viewers.

Some of the Good Examples are

  • Spider Man Far From Home Official Trailer |
  • Easy & Delicious Suhoor Recipes Ramadan 2019

Some of the Bad Examples are

  • Spiderman movie mp4trailer
  • Sunochanda2  HUMTV

Similarly, your title length, structuring also matters a lot. Our system will focus on Nouns, pronouns. It does not matter if you put a proper sentence but how you put it.

Some of the Examples for Good titles are

  • Spider Man Far From Home Official Trailer ft Tom Holland |
  • Baaji The Film Teaser ft Meera & Amna Ilyas |

What to avoid

  • No spacing between words
  • Adding Extension at the end e.g .mp4 .mkv
  • Adding _ scores instead of spaces
  • Word length should be less than 29 characters


When it comes to description, we have set a new scoring strategy. Description must contain 300 characters maximum. Longer description will affect the content score. Keep it simple yet informative.

Do’s and Don’t

  • No slang or abusive words.
  • Description must be simple, concise and to the point.
  • Links can be used in the description to achieve good content score.

Tags and High definition

Tags and high definition plays role just like a back bone of good video content. Use of appropriate amount of tags in video is a plus and video could be easily found in google search.

What you need to know.

  • Maximum tag Max length 20  tags and Min length 1 tags. E.g spider man,official trailer,2019 movie,  
  • Video quality matters. Good quality video will be considered as HD.  

Channel Score

Channel score means the content provider must set a proper channel with the avatar, cover photo, about, and social links on the channel. Thus this will increase overall weightage of content.

Content Engagement

Content engagement means how much traffic/views are there on your video. Either these views are from embed or onsite. Comments and sharing will be also included in this. Engagement on each video with comments and sharing also set content score to better.

So this is how easy it is to achieve content score and make your content simply different from others.


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