Is Yasir Hussain Creating Trans phobic Impact? Read The full story to find out more

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A few days back, Yasir Hussain passed very inappropriate comment on his recent post and people were actually mad at him. In his recent project, he is playing the role of transgender which he revealed a few days back in his post.

On the same post, a guy raised a very valid point on which Yasir Hussain replied in a very immature way. According to that guy, the media industry should hire a real transgender for originality. Rather commenting on this stance in a good way Yasir humiliated that guy by replying “So you need a job?” Sounds really bad right?

Many people backlashed on Yasir’s comment and maybe it was obvious. Trans topic should always deal with extra care. No one should have the right to mock this issue.

As we all are aware of the close friendship of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz. So Iqra Aziz defended her friend in a bit weird way. Her response was strong but probably not for Yasir’s reply. In her response, she highlighted that all the hate comments are face of hypocrisy. She also said in her statement that we live a society where we won’t accept transgender as a neighbor. Lastly, she added that because of these all behavior artist are playing a part to raise voice for this stance.

Here are her response and appreciation for Yasir hussain’s role.

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