What Is Your Opinion About 7Up Festival Lahore? Yay Or Nay?

By April 10, 2019 No Comments

Earlier this weekend, we witnessed again one happening event after coke fest. Yes! I am exactly talking about 7up Festival. Though Coke fest has already earned massive fame among foodies and families last Coke fest wasn’t went up to the mark. Since people faced many hurdles in the last Coke festival so there were chances that lahoris are done with the mismanagement of Coke fest.

When 7up announced the rescheduling dates of the festival, people were happy to explore something better and new. No doubt, 7up did it’s best to ensure the successful event but Oh! Maybe next time. 7up not only arranged this event in wider space but also made sure to cater maximum eateries but still we missed “Urban kitchen” “sweet affairs” and many others. Other than this, 7up had the best stardom at the festival and we cannot surely deny this fact.

All three days were hosted by Anoshey Ashraf and Dino. Famous Vlogger like Ukhano aka Umar khan, Mooro aka Taimor Salahudin and actors like Hania Amir, Asad were also there. And the list of singers was truly admirable. Atif, Falak, Sajad and Soch band made the folk dance like no one is watching.

Though I summaries half of the event and there was much more to enjoy. But still, rumors are there that 7up festival wasn’t good enough. Well well well, No Comments. Let’s share your opinion about this event and give suggestions all foodies out there so that next time it turned out to be better.

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