On This Women’s Day, Let’s Be Proud To Be Born Girls

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From Fatima Jinnah to Michelle Obama this world is full of wonder women. Some are performing house chores and others are conquering societal stereotypes. It won’t be wrong to say that women are the backbone of our country’s progress.

8 March, International Women day. This day is not only about all the women who are in limelight but this is the day for each woman who is silently playing role in settling other women’s crown. Woman who is selling handcrafted scarfs on the roadside is equally important to the women who are sitting in a multinational company as a Project head.

In Pakistan, during the past few years women are rising and shining like a pro. We can hardly find any field in which women are not playing a role.

Despite the conservative environment, here are some real gems of Pakistan that had already made us proud in the whole world.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

A female creative producer that has achieved 2 Oscar academic awards for her tremendous work from Pakistan. This Karachi born producer with fine storytelling and production skills created her ways with nonstop struggle. Her motto is to empower women of Pakistan so that they can stand on their own feet for a better future.

Ayesha Farooq.

Ayesha is from Bahawalpur and the first fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force. This is something really big because we girls are not born strong but our nurturing can made us so. Similarly, Ayesha’s mother raised her to be a strong and fearless woman. She is the proud sister of Pakistan.

Muniba Mazari.

If your mind is disabled, you are disabled. But if you are a person like Muniba Mazari then impossible is a world unknown for you. She lost her walking ability in a car accident. But she never loses hope. Now she is a motivational speaker, artist, and National Ambassador for UN women Pakistan. She is truly an inspiration.

Samina Baig.

She is the first mountaineer to climb all seven highest peaks around the world. She did so in just the age of 23. BRAVO!! Climbing and hiking mountains are not an easy task. Though samina with her endless passion achieved this at a very early age.

Jahan Ara.

She is a well-known name in Pakistan’s technology industry. She is the president of one largest Tech association named as P@SHA. She is notably working for young entrepreneurs and startups. She is specifically encouraging women in the Technology industry.

There are hundreds and thousands of women that are playing role in the progress of Pakistan and we salute all of them.

On this international women’s day just a look at what the world is saying about this.


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