These Bollywood Actors Thought That Surgical Strike Was Real And Their Tweets Are Crazy

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

Earlier this morning Indian army claimed that India has entered Pakistan’s territory and killed almost 200 terrorists. But! The real story is totally different. When Indian fighter jet tried to enter the territory, our brave Pakistan Air force went after these jets and within a few minutes, they left like cowards. Later on social media, we witnessed that Indians and Pakistanis are already hitting their keyboards with social war. Indian celebrities have jumped into this as well and this is totally insane.

Just have a look at these tweets and you will come to know how hilarious the situation is.

How unaware these peeps are actually.

Feeling sorry for this nation as they are least aware of actual things and all they prefer is talk behind the curtain.

They are not an artist, because the artist always promotes peace.

We Pakistani nation truly wants peace and friendship. Even our prime minister mentioned again and again that we forget all the past disputes. Start over with a good intention. But this incident was really unethical from India. Our Prime minister ensured that he will prove indian’s allegation wrong and take this matter to the international investigation as well.


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