Imran Khan Broke The Silence On Pulwama Incident That Really Make Sense

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A few days back, a sad incident occurred in occupied Kashmir at Pulwama. We as the Pakistani nation condemn this attack because humanity is important above all disputes. Many were killed and got injured in this attack and India directly blamed Pakistan for this attack without any evidence. Not only Pakistanis but Indians were also murmuring that why Pakistani President gave no response on blaming and threats from the Indian Army and government.
Hereafter almost five days Pakistan’s president Mr. Imran Khan opens up about the Palwana attack and Pak-indo relationship. Here is the summary of 5W’s and 1H about the speech Imran Khan did today.

1- Why Imran Khan delayed the response? Pakistan did not respond to the allegation because of Saudi Crown Prince Visit. (OBVIOUSLY, Big Things are the priority)
2- Pakistan is equally suffering from terrorism just like India and many other regions in the world. It is useless to blame each other instead without any prove. (Dude, think before you speak)
3- How India can blame Pakistan for the attacks without any solid evidence.
4- Pakistan wants to work with India on peace and stability instead.
5- Let’s Talk about peace and stability on the table. (Let’s shake hand)

Other than this, Imran Khan also highlighted that maybe India is doing this for the upcoming election. He also added that India’s allegations are without evidence which means “pointless” at all. India must think about Kashmir’s issue with an open mind so that both countries can progress under the umbrella of peace.

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