Nescafe Basement, Fusion Of Traditional and Pop Music

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Where words fail, music speaks. The craze of music especially traditional music is highly getting popular among youth. Nescafe Basement is one of its well-known examples. In every season the fusion of traditional and pop has linked the new generation with old music. Everyone loves this fusion and simply cannot get over it.

In Nescafe Basement the producer “Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan – Xulfi” actually created a platform that can combine and refine the real goodness of Pakistan’s traditional and self-composed musical content. Zulfiqar always comes up with a truly soulful melody together with a young and talented team.

In this new season, we observed that Nescafe Basement is highlighting some young gems with melodious vocals and subtly combine contemporary and traditional musical themes and yes this season is no doubt #Asliwalalive.

Ranjha, the all kids band, Mehbooba, Dil diyan Gallan and what not. This season is purely focused about the music that will captivate the souls who only need music for their exposure. Where Zain Zohaib is keeping alive the legacy of their forefather, we also met Hadiya, an 8 year old, gifted with a powerful voice.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are a nation that is highly enriched with hidden talents. All we need is a platform like Nescafe Basement and a Creative producer like Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan – Xulfi. If you have still missed any of this melodious content then go check it on


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