Punjab Government Decided To Keep Ban On “Basant”

By January 24, 2019 No Comments

“No more Basant happiness”. Sorry folk there is a ban on Basant again. Earlier the Punjab government announced to lift the ban from all-time favorite festival “Basant”. Without any doubt, majority of us were happy and excited.

But at the same time it’s hard to deny the lose that occurred in the past due to this festival. Keeping this stance on table, this decision was challenged in high court and the decision is here in front of us. Ban on Basant again. High court banned basant again by keeping the safety and peace concerns in mind.

This festival initially started for the purpose of gathering and enjoyment but later it turned into a business. It also turned into a harmful game when merchandizers started selling “Dori” made up of chemicals and glass. Purpose behind this was just to keep the game high.
When all these past situation and incident highlighted in front of high court then decision was announced that Basant will remain ban in Punjab. We Lahoris are unable to digest this news and here are all “sad reacts” only.

Obviously, citizen’s security is the first priority of government authorities and we respect this decision.

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