Is Gully Boy A New 8 Mile?

By January 11, 2019 No Comments

Trailer of new indian film is by title “Gully Boy”. From trailer so far we analyze that it is a story of muslim boy who is a rapper and this is story of all the journey from realizing the love of rap and competing the hurdles. He chased his journey by keeping his love for rap on right path in his inadvertently transcending his class.

But hey this is not the unsual situation. Meanwhile in social media a fact is pointed out that how Bollywood made somewhat rip off of enimen’s story “8 mile”.

Talking about 8 Mile, in this movie American rapper Marshall Mathers aka Eminem’s upbringing, struggle and passion about being a rapper was highlighted. In this movie it was beautifully summarized how he went from poverty-stricken streets to become one of the top rappers in the industry.
Some of the social media pages contributed in this trending by adding up video memes and we are just “LOL” on it.

So far Gully boy is another 8 Miles. We are hoping for some real entertainment from gully boy and wish best of luck to the film makers and cast.

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