Here Are The Reasons Why Forbes Mention Pakistan in 10 Coolest places To Visit in 2019

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Earlier this week Forbes mentioned Pakistan in 10 coolest places to visit in 2019 and “we are going gaga” on it. It’s a big thing because we all knew how beautiful our country is. But there was an actual need to tell the whole world that what the real attractions of our country are.

Are you still unaware of attractions in Pakistan? You really need to explore the hidden beauties of this country. Okay! Naran, Kagan, and Kashmir are no doubt real-time attractions but there are much more places that you might haven’t explored yet. So have a look that what you are missing and visit these places in 2019.

ArangKel (Kashmir)

Beside the Neelum River, hiking from dense forest there is beautiful heaven named as Arangkel. This tiny village is full of greenery and surrounded by mesmerizing mountain. When you will hike toward this area, you may regret the decision because of steep but once you will reach there you will surely do not want to come back.


With Snowy Mountain this lake is already giving feel of peace and soothe. This Lake is located near to the Kaghan Valley, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is a sight of attraction since long. The surface of this lake is pure like a mirror.

Ushu Forest

To vanish all the stress of 2018 you really need to visit this stress free peaceful place to gather the motivation for 2019. This is located 8KM away from Kalam valley. This forest is mostly surrounded by cool clouds. Who won’t want to spend some time in these marshmallow clouds?


This region in Gilgit Baltistan is famous for its mesmerizing and continuously changing appearance throughout the year. Yes! Four seasons and four different experiences aren’t amazing. It is located at the extreme north of Pakistan.

Passu Cones

These lady finger mountain peaks are located in the northern region of Pakistan. It is a real-time attraction for those who are born hikers. Also, for those who love photography must visit this place.

Cholistan Desert.

This Desert is also known as Rohi by the local folk. it is located 30 KM away from Bawalpur. Okay! you can say that there is no attraction in deserts because they are simple plain lands but trust me once you will visit this region you will surely wish to visit again. Don’t forget to observe creatures that you had seen before.



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