Wait? What? We Are Going To Celebrate “Basant” Again?

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Basant is the event that use to be enjoyed by whole Pakistan but it was specifically and insanely famous among Punjabis. Just like Eids and weddings we Punjabis use to celebrate Basant to the fullest. This festival was another reason for a reunion of families and friends.

At one side there used to be all the yummilicious “Khabay” and on the other side youngsters kept the excitement high with flying kites. Then due to some horrible incidents due to usage of sharp threads (Dooriyan) government had to implement ban on this event.  Woah!! Those days were real fun.

But hey! We are listening a news these days that Government of Punjab is planning to lift up this ban. Isn’t amazing?

People have some really amazing reactions to this news. Because maybe we were waiting for it since long.


Best part about this news is Government is planning for safe and sound spring event in which families can not only enjoy colors of spring but also Basant as well.

And Public’s reaction to this news was already excited.

Some people are also considering this as publicity stunt by PTI government. I mean come on guys. We Pakistanis need such events in our stressful lives.

Apart from all the excitement, we must keep it in mind that we do not have to repeat all past mistakes again. Let’s make a promise that this time Basant will be all safe and sound. 12 years back people turned this event into something dangerous just for the sake of competition. We really need to make sure that this February we will going to celebrate Basant like a festival and not a war.

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