We Are Going To Miss 2018 Because of These Moments

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2018 is almost wrapping up and we are hoping for an amazing new year. Before stepping in 2019 let’s take a look on some major yet unforgettable moment of 2018. This year was no doubt full of such events that made us laugh.

  1. Main Inko Rulaonga.

We witnessed so many funny memes on this slogan” Main inko rulaonga”. This line was although used by Imran Khan for Political conflict with Nawaz Sharif. But it was also trending as “BURN” meme for the whole year.

  1. Mera Basta Wapis Kar.

The adorable and cute kid went viral on the internet and we are still not getting over it. Ahmed from Peshawar just showed his aggression and it was super cute. Who else is still obsessed with “Woeey Mera Basta Wapis kar” slogan?

  1. Ghauri in town.

Yes! I am talking about none other but Khadim Hussain Rizvi. He remained internet sensation this year for long and the reason was his lame af advices and political hype. “Lo fair Ghauri Aya Jay”.

Hello Frandz.

Honestly, that was truly annoying. “Hello frandz Chaye pee loo”. Like seriously you can do anything to get viral on the internet. But this cutie nailed it though.


  1. Excuse Me, Can I hold your hand.

It was such “aww” moment for all Pakistanis when Malaysian First lady asked our Prime minister Imran Khan “Excuse me, Can I hold your hand” for a group picture. Isn’t cute?



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