10 Most Awaited Movies Of 2019

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2018 is almost wrapping up. We must say that this year gave us so many entertaining movies and we are waiting for more. Including mission impossible fall out, venom and aquaman. We have also witnessed some cool Bollywood and Lollywood movies as well.

Regarding entertainment 2019 will be the more awesome year because there are some amazing movies that will be going to release soon and it’s “O LA LA” moment for all movie lovers. Let’s have a look that what 2019 will be bringing for us.


Hopefully, the final part of this movie will be released in January 2019. This movie will be the apex of unbreakable and split. Cool! Now this is creating curiosity in our mind. Let’s see what it will bring for us.


Recalling all the memories here is another part of Godzilla which will be going to release 31 May 2019. So for your curiosity in this part, cryptozoological species that was considered as myth will reappear again. Sound interesting? Wait for it then.


Dumbo’s teaser is already here. It is totally overloaded with cuteness thing that we can hardly wait for it. This movie is going to release on 29 march 2019. I am counting days already.


Mark the date because this will be going to awesome. You know why? Beacsue Will Smith is going to play role as Jennie. Isn’t awesome. This movie will going to release on 24 may 2019.

It. Chapter 2

This horror movie will be going to release on 6 September 2019. If you are a person who can easily get scared with horror movies then stay home. But if for those who love horror movies must mark the date on their calendars because pennywise will be back.

Frozen 2

The cutest film ever will be back on 27 November 2019. Without any doubt, this movie is a whole package for families. We are already missing Olaf and can’t wait to see him again.

Avengers 4.

This movie will be going to hit box office on 3 may 2019. Due to great hype on every part of this movie the title of this movie yet to discover. Anyhow, we are waiting for more adventure in this upcoming movie and expecting to save the world from torn pieces.

The lion king

Recalling the childhood memories the lion king is here again. With the fabulous voiceover cast of James Earl Jones, Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and      Amy Sedaris the first teaser of lion king gave us Goosebumps.

Star Wars. Episode IX

For this movie, all we need to know is the “When It will be releasing”. So this conclusion of the new star war trilogy will release on 29 December 2019.  Billie Lourd and Daisy Ridley on the front line are already creating excitement.

Toy story 4

It will be all about the new addition in woody’s gang. Fork will join this gang and let’s hope that it will be as amazing as it was before. Mark the date of release that will be 21 June 2019.




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