The Most “Jaw Dropping” Photo Shoot By Mahira Khan

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Generation was the brand famous for all the versatile and inspiring campaigns. From all age limit to all skin, tone generation had a winning impact in their collection campaigns. But recently Mahira Khan took an inspiring step and everyone is admiring.

In recent photo shoot of Zara Shah Jahan the model asked to not photo shopped her pictures and the real beauty is no doubt breathe taking. The model is all slaying in natural beauty and subtle clothing colors. I personally think now this is something impressive and impacting because what natural, will remain natural.

Just have a look on this photo shoot by Zara Shah Jahan which claims to be the most challenging but also connecting to the roots of culture.

Here are some beautifully capture pictures that actually don’t need any Photoshop. Mahira Khan is already giving us major dressing goals.

The brand claims that her pictures have not retreated at all and we can’t resist to saying that “What a beauty she is”.

This photo shoot was specified to the roots of culture, vintage, class, and style.  And yes! Zara Shah Jahan and Mahira khan actually nailed it.

I must say if these photos were treated on Photoshop then it was the most unjust thing that can ever happen with these classy poses and natural beauty.

But hey! Don’t forget that we live in a society where criticism is always there no matter how classy or good work presented to the folk. Summing up this photo Shoot with the words that there is more need to spread connectivity with our cultural roots. It was a really good step by Mahira khan. Admire the natural beauty rather than 100 times photoshopped and filtered pictures.

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