Are You A Sagittarius? Give This A Read Because It’s Your Month

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Hi all Sagittarius. It’s your month and it’s time to evaluate all the strength and weaknesses of your personality because you rule this month. Let people know about all your strength they are unaware of. Let yourself improve all the weaknesses for betterment in future.
Here is the highlighting information about Sagittarius.
Lucky Color: Blue.
Day: Thursday.
Ruler: Jupiter.
Date range November 22 to December 21.
Quality; Mutable.
Are you a Sagittarius? Or you have a best buddy who is Sagittarius? Here are some really accurate positive and negative points that you might be unaware about Sagittarius. Have a look and know more about this star.
Sagittarius is explorer. They love to explore and observe things. This quality makes them curious as well. On the other hand, this quality sometimes leads them to impatience. They are the people who are most understanding one. They can literally put themselves in your shoe and feel the situation. With the quality of bravery and confidence they always manage to remain in every event. Following are some more qualities that a Sagittarius buddy must have.


They can literally pinch you with their words because they are straight forward like hell. Either they like you or dislike you they will spit out their words with no fear.


All the demoralized and demotivated persons must keep a Sagittarius around them. They can be positive with every situation and this is one of their best quality.



They have a big heart. If you ever ask a Sagittarius for help you will never face rejection. They love to help and being generous with people. If you already have Sagittarius buddy then try not to lose them
And now here comes the dark side of this star. Although they are full of life and energetic people but some flaws really make them annoying personalities. Here are major flaws.

  • Careless

Sagittarius can be super careless. They can take you for granted. They will criticize people on very lame logic. Even they are always ready to take unnecessary risk.

  • OVERconfident

One of really annoying habit is their overconfidence. Being confident is good but overconfidence can piss off the people in your surroundings.

  • Inconsistent.
    They are really inconsistent with everything in their life. It won’t be wrong to say that they cannot stick to a decision for long time. This is the most SUPERISING flaw in them.

So if you are hanging out with a Sagittarius then keep observing all these points and make a decision before getting surprised by their unexpected nature. And Happy Birthday All the Sagittarius Folk you people are already rocking with your qualities.

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