100 Days Of Tabdeeli, What Is Your Opinion?

By December 3, 2018 No Comments

When we talk about “Tabdeeli” the only word strikes our mind is “Imran Khan”. So the New Prime Minister is all in fame and his 100 days assessment is on hype as well. Some people are disappointed and other just hoping for miracles.

First of all, in the history of Pakistan, no prime minister let us know that whether we have the right to assess authorities for the whole tenure of 5 years. So for sure this is a huge turn over for a nation like Pakistanis. But on the other hand, we are a nation with low temperament. We want change in just few days. Proofs are here in front of you. Have a look at these tweets.

In Contrast to this, some people are appreciating and very hopeful about new government.

In my point of view, it’s totally okay to judge your leader and prime minister on his mistakes. But we must not forget to appreciate him for good things as well. Imran has successfully improved international relationship with China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia as well. Adding more to this he has played an important role for a strong base of country’s lawmaking.

Moreover, his focus is also on the elimination of corruption, generating enough employment, focus on CPEC and improvements in policies for the revival of good governance. Number of diplomats are appointed for fruitful policy making. We are also hoping to have a better relationship with India and America because for that Government is not able to make remarkable progress. Though Pakistan has made it clear that they are interested in improving the relationship with both countries.

Those who are thinking that 100 days are enough to assess any government should think again. PTI’s government must learn from all the U-Turns and mistakes so that their good efforts do not get wasted. For people who are criticizing the government, it is advised that don’t rush to conclusion and hold their horses because no government can make massive change within 100 days.


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