The Most Happening And Never Ending Wedding Of Pakistan

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All-time favorite twin sisters are again in limelight and people are hammering their keyboards with crazy tweets. Yes! I am talking about marathon wedding of Aimen and Muneeb. Few days back this couple got nikkahfied and we thought “Aw cute”.

But that was just a teaser because “abhi to party shro hoi hai”. Starting with lavish nikkah ceremony this couple officially announced that they have tied the knot.
There was bridal shower before nikkah and both twinies (Aimen and Minal) were rocking the floor. Deep down we all ladies want it though.

aimen muneeb wedding
It was the most happening nikkah in Pakistan so far. Because it was more like a reception. This couple was looking all elegant and made for each other in the subtle look. Done for today? No. Keep scrolling.

aimen muneeb wedding

After the nikkah there was a theme wedding party. Almost every media celebrity was there. Couple hit the dance floor and celebrate their wedding to the fullest. Fun fact about the party was the filmy theme.

aimen muneeb wedding

After that there was mayoo function. Pakistani wedding are actually incomplete without this function. We witnessed the most “yellowfy” mayoo ever and ofcourse we are loving it.

Wooh! Finally the mehndi. All bright and fascinating colors of bride and groom’s outfits really put goodness in the mehndi function. Still there are 2 functions remaining.

aimen muneeb wedding

Although this wedding is super cute but some hilarious tweets are making this wedding more happening. Just have a look.

Let’s be very honest about this wedding. Although this wedding is getting all the hype but our social culture and stability cannot allow us. We really need to think again about wedding cultures. What do you think?

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