It’s Time To Speak Up Before It’s Too Late. 

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When Chester Bennington or Anam Tanoli died we had the excuse that these media folk are weird and over sensitive. Suicidal cases are normal in media industry because they own different environment. Earlier this week we witnessed a devastating and really heart wrenching event. A student from BNU committed suicide in the campus in front of hundreds of students and then some of them realized that Oh are we really human?

BNU Student Suicide

The girl Rushaan Farukh was suffering from depression and no one even bother considering it as a big issue until the girl took her life. If you are thinking that depression is something easy then you really need to think again. Those who claim that depression comes up with societal behaviors or strict parenting must take a look around themselves and observe. Log kya kehngay is no longer the only reason for depression and there is much more that a common human of this unpredictable society is facing.

Have you seen a person who is laughing and playing? A person who is actually participating in daily routine just like any other person. After spending the whole day, facing so many realities and harsh behaviors when that person lay down on his bed he is no longer the same person who laughed whole day. That is the actual time when he is trying to convince himself that everything will be fine one day. This struggle of convincing one own self is way harder than any other task.

Rushaan’s family is claiming that her death was not a suicide attempt. She slipped and fell. Obviously it is a hard time for family to absorb the fact. Those who saw this suicidal event with their eyes are barely able to express their feelings.

Even including the media industry couldn’t resist themselves to speak up.

Trust me no one will ever open up with his/her story of depression. The person sitting next to you can be the victim and yet smiling to show the world that he is strong enough but deep inside he might be “Sinking, drowning, screaming with silence and what not”.

This is the time to wake up. Change society. Talk to each other. Talk about how someone spent their day. But at least talk. Only spitting out the poison of depression can heal a person. If a victim feels like consulting the psychiatrist then go for it right away. There is no shame in consulting psychologist or even psychiatrist.

This is dilemma of our society that we speak up for some issue but only for few days. Once we get busy in our daily routine we hardly remember that there was someone who took her life. This incident left us with the question “Who is responsible for depression and mental illness?” and maybe none of us have the right answer.


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