Are you already missing the next Coke Fest? Let’s have a Throwback!

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When we talk about Lahore then mesmerizing ancient buildings are the second best thing that we can observe, but yes! “Lahori Khabays” are still on top of the list.Last week all of us had witnessed really amazing yet full of taste food festival. It was the third season of coke festival.

Best part of the festival was perfect choice of weather.In this cozy winter weather food, music and coke can sum up a perfect day.
It won’t be wrong to say that coke really understands our taste buds.So I was there in that event and it’s time to give a short review for this event. Because why not.

Talking about the venue of event “Lake City” was a real time wise choice. 40 kilometers away from Lahore city it is one peaceful place that can absorb a big crowd.
Let’s start the roller coaster of this event. This three-day event was full time fun package for families and youngsters.

In the entrance, there was some really cool décor that can simply compel your eye to the “Let’s try it” moment. Moving to the Food, there was hardly anyone who can resist him/herself by trying Gooey Brownies by “Sweet Affairs”, Extra Hot Tacos or flavor of spice by “Arif Chatkhara”. This festival wasn’t left behind in Women Empowerment and all credit goes to YGKH (Yeh Ghar Ka Hai). A deliciously subtle culinary service that is already winning because of some really empowered women. And how can forget mentioning “Tandoori Chaye” which was on hype but less in quantity for a Chaiholic like me.

OH last but not the least, how can this much colorful festival end without buzz of amazing singers. Abrar-ul-Haq, Aima Baig, Sahir Ali Bagga and Rizwan butt set the stage on fire and all show become more happening and lively with dazzling beats. The audience will surely remember this event till next year.

The Only expectation for the next year event is bigger parking area so that families can avoid hassle.

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