International Women’s Day And Aurat March 2018

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Women Empowerment holds great importance.Empower women for a better & brighter future.Today is International Women’s day celebrated all over the world.
On this day, important features to be highlighted i.e Equal pay, Equal Opportunity, Equal Rights & Equal life.Women rights should be equal politically, socially, culturally & economically.

Aurat March happening today all across Pakistan.A lot of people coming out on the streets, join them & march for their rights.

 Islamabad’s women are on the roads for their rights.Join them and march for their rights.

And Everyone supporting women all over Pakistan

And all the women in Lahore are out for their Rights…

And when someone says you are weak then you are not 

And guess what! These are the world’s most gender-equal countries

Women empowerment refers to the expansion of freedom of choice and action to shape one’s life. Empower women and see the world bright.




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