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Influencer marketing is described as one of the most effective ways to boost small and large businesses. It is a way of promoting a business through people who already have an impact on other people. Influencers use all platform on social media but the most effective one is Instagram.

Let’s have a look at the world’s Top 8 Influencers on Instagram.

In the list of top Influencers, Salena Gomez is the most followed person. Having number 1 spot on the Instagram list. Justin Bieber’s ex-has 93.1million followers and can expect to make more than £400,000 for one sponsored post. That’s over half a million dollars.
Ariana Grande, another pop star with 114 million followers is in the 2nd spot. We all love cricket and football, let’s have a look at our favorite stars earnings on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo’s single post on Instagram earns him £310,000.And in the earning Virat Kohli, the Indian Cricket team captain is almost near as to the Cristiano’s earning on Instagram.
As per the recent reports by Forbes, the Indian captain earns a startling $500,000 (Indian Rupee 3.2 crores) per post through Instagram.A study by Instagram schedulers Hopper puts the Real Madrid’s influencer Ronaldo, third in their top-10 earner’s list, behind only singer Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.
Another pop star is on the list with over 107 million followers stays on the top 4 in influencers list. One & only, the flawless, implacable and the gorgeous Beyoncé her approximate earning up to $1.32 million per post. Taylor Swift has fallen to the number five spot, with 104 million followers & the sensational Kim Kardashian also has dropped down in the ranking. From number three to number six with 103 million followers. Some companies have reported that to endorse a brand Kim Kardashian charge up to $500,000.
Kylie Jenner has 98.5 million followers, making her number seven on our list of 2017’s top Instagram influencers. The Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber makes it to the list this year with more than 92 million followers.

There are many other influencers to follow but these are the year’s best top 8 influencers so far on Instagram.

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  • Tamara Mask says:

    That’s Nice. But i also want to add some more influencers like famous interior design Marie Kondo the most organized women in the world. She is a best-selling author on that subject and Co-Founder of a start-up based in San Francisco.
    The Rock. Former pro wrestler turned actor turned fitness inspo the Rock has 94.5 million followers, landing him at number eight on our list of 2017’s top Instagram influencers.

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