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We stream even when there is a social media blackout in Pakistan

By November 28, 2017 One Comment

During November 25-27 2017, when there was a sit-in in Islamabad regarding a change in the law, Government took action and Social Media blockage was part of it. There was a panic situation as people were looking a way to stream and to learn the latest developments, that’s where Tune played its role like it always does.

We streamed. When everything else went down.

We got 150% more increase in our viewership (from Pakistan) and with the release of our new Mobile Website, it went smooth and great.

Viewership graph during the sit-in

Tune has always kept its focus on product evolution and stable infrastructure growth and the reason we turned out to be a successful video and media platform.

We are also offering media services to our partners which includes Videos Management Suite, Live Streaming, Ads Management and Branded Player.

Also, visit our Business Website to get the latest updates on what’s happening in Tune.

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