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How To Upload Videos Via GDrive In Your Tune.pk Account

By November 9, 2017 No Comments

Tune always comes with new ideas & features for its users and this time we are coming up new uploading feature that is called uploading via G drive and DropBox it will make uploading process more fast and convenient, now tuners can upload their videos with a single click from their G drive and Dropbox account they don’t need to upload their files to multiple networks separately.

Tune.pk has made uploading very easier than ever before, when it comes to uploading. Uploading via G drive and Drop box Enhance user experience as well as speed up the uploading process.

Just drag or drop and browse the files directly with a single click. Once a user gain access to this feature an icon will appear on his/her upload page and with a single click can manage the whole files.

Stay tuned as many new updates are on the way for the tuners to make their experience better.

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