Comparison & Contrast Of GenX & GenY

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Don’t you know there’s a war on? It’s being fought right now, all around us, between the Gen X and the Millennials.Let’s have a look at a comparison.

Gen X: 
Generation X’ers or commonly known as the “lost” generation are the generation of people born between 1966 -1976. They were the first generation exposed to widespread divorce and the culture of daycare. Gen X’ers have been quoted by Newsweek as “the generation that dropped out without ever tuning in to the social issues around them.” Newsweek isn’t alone in that assessment, Gen X’ers are stereotyped as having “whats in it for me” attitudes regarding their surroundings.

Gen Y:

Gen Y is also known as millennials are the generation of people born between 1984 – 2004. Gen Y kids are known to be incredibly sophisticated, adaptable to new trends, tech-savvy, and are traditionally immune to even the most traditional marketing, as they’ve been exposed to it all from a very young age unlike the Gen X, who often struggled to adapt to the pace that technology proliferated. Gen Y kids are often raised in either a dual income or single parent households and are more involved in their parent’s financial decisions. One in nine millennials has access to a credit card co-signed by their parents. In March 2014, the Pew Research center noted in a report that, “Millennials are more detached from institutions and networked with friends instead.” This generation is more upbeat than the Gen X’ers about the future. It is said that millennials approach to social change is that of “pragmatic idealism” with a healthy desire to make the world a better place and with the understanding that new institutions will have to be made to accommodate this desire.

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