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By April 26, 2017 2 Comments

You might have noticed that recently had a makeover; In our technical terminology we can also say that refreshed its UI (User Interface) to give it users a more refined look and feel. Beneath these cosmetical changes; has also recently been upgraded to PHP 7.0 from PHP 5.6. This update will up the performance and processing of the application in a number of ways. To make this shift from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0, currently maintained driver of MongoDB was updated from previously used Mongo extension (Compatible with PHP 5.6)

MongoDB extension is used for new applications as well as to augment or replace existing relational infrastructure. The deprecated Mongo extension was no longer maintained or supported by its developer community.

On performance front; PHP 7.0 is ahead of its predecessor as expected. We consolidated this fact by running a number of tests using aggregation of stats on various data sets. The results of these benchmarking tests are shared below;

Tests Description Time in Seconds for PHP 5.6 Time in Seconds for PHP 7.0
Test 1 Get 100k entries from MySQL and aggregate the views of all 100k videos 3.17 1.57
Test 2 Get 100k entries from MySQL and use built-in function strtoupper 3.39 1.57
Test 3 Get 100K entries from MySQL. Use built-in function strtoupper and str_replace. Repeat the process 5 times 3.41 1.58
Test 4 Get 100K entries and Use built-in functions Utf8_decode preg_match_all 3.34 1.47
Test 5 Built-in functions countAlphanumeric charactersstrtoupper str_replace utf8_decode str_split utf8_decode number_format 4.7 2.07
Test 6 Get 200k entries and apply built-in functions strtpupper, str_replace, utf8_decode, str_split decodeNumber_format preg_match_all 10.17 5.28

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