General partners with Qwilt to deploy open cache across its network

By April 7, 2017 One Comment is Pakistan’s most popular video sharing platform which has taken the initiative to partner up with Qwilt to provide better and faster streaming to its users.

Qwilt is a provider of edge cloud applications, the founding member of the streaming video alliance and a leader of the open caching industry movement. It partners up with service providers and is striving to build the content and application delivery platform of the future with their input. Basically qwilt is striving to establish a better architecture that will be able to support the future of streaming.’s partnership with qwilt will enable localization of the caching solution because is currently focusing on testing the service in Pakistan and once the proxy performance of Qwilt gets better, will implement Edge Cloud for Open Caching to enhance the streaming experience at user’s end. It is a unique technology that simultaneously benefits content owners, network operators, and, most importantly, broadband or wireless subscribers. The open caching will augment the video viewing experience in peak traffic hours because consumer QoE (Quality of Experience) is the key to retaining subscribers, ensuring lower latency and hence, better experiences for end users/consumers.

Cable and Telecom networks are not designed to carry large amounts of video traffic. So with the introduction of open caching, operators will have a smart alternative to build network by using intelligence instead of endless router expansions to reach the capacity that video-savvy subscribers are demanding,

The priority of has always been its user base and through this collaboration, the site will be able to deliver to them more effectively. aims to take localized caching to a global level to improve streaming and provide users the best streaming quality.

Currently the focus is Pakistan and afterwards, Malaysia and Thailand are the next target for implementation of caching locally to provide ultimate streaming experience to local and global viewers. With the combination of powerful Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) which is in testing phase at the moment and Qwilt open caching the streaming world is going to change and the video viewing experience is going to be enhanced.

You can see the difference yourself here:

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