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Is the Local market Engagement only way to Challenge the Giants of the Industry?

By November 3, 2016 No Comments

Pakistan is often looked as a land with poverty and doom. But that is all to the people residing outside the land. Pakistan, in all these ages have seen a share of emerging markets and startups. The increase in the advancement and the establishments of the incubator systems have caused an urge in the set up building one’s own enterprise.

The many startup tycoons which are being run now a days are being challenged by the locals in their respective fields in Pakistan. Here we will discuss the top tycoons of the digital era and their challengers in the local markets of Pakistan has established its foot in the market of Pakistan before the launch of Lamudi has an edge of being part of the Rocket Internet that have already had very good success in different startups that it produced. According to the facts and the figure Zameen have a lot more traffic that what Lamudi is generating in Pakistan. Today, Zameen website boasts more than 10,000 registered agencies, 600,000 subscribed members, 3.5 million monthly visits and over 200,000 new listings every month. The local brand here that is which is rated as the fifth best property portal of the world is taking an edge over its counterpart Lamudi.



The renowned app of the music world SoundCloud that is generating more that 200 million unique visitors every month is the biggest name in the music industry that one could get. Pakistani startups went on to customize its app and add only Pakistani music on the app. This app focuses on the Pakistani music only and is very well renounced throughout the music savvy citizens of the nation. The original content and the beautiful designed features have caused it to be the largest music streaming service in Pakistan The music streaming website boasts a database of more than 15,000 songs; the biggest ever collection available online in Pakistan, including both mainstream music and the underground scene. Patari have also won second place in the World Startup Cup, being very new in the market it is promising more developments in the future.

^0614DCB44CE4AE1C3234AB7B0FA7C9F0D1725AA9C616B07764^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrA lot of people went up and worked on the idea to challenge the YouTube market in Pakistan. But Tune.Pk came, seized the opportunity and conquered. Tune.Pk success has been rumored to be due to the banning of YouTube in Pakistan, September 2012. But much to astonishment to masses that the graph did not had a decline but only an upward trend after the ban was uplifted. Promoting the Pakistani content was the major vision behind the work and exploring the untapped talents of the nation. YouTube being still the most popular site in Pakistan but has proved the fact the Pakistan specific content can be made to capture the local audience. The annual growth of the viewers are increasing in a rapid rate.  Just looking at exact dates a year apart one can easily judge about the augmentation of the viewership. 17th December 2015 and 17th December 2016 showed an 80% increase in the traffic generated.


Mashable voted among the 25 best blogs of the world.  It has been described as a “one stop shop” for social media. All of these latest social media trends can be reached in one website. On the other hand MangoBazz the startup that is also growing very rapidly can be called the Mashable of Pakistan An online platform that amplifies the voice of an alternative. Creating an image of an alternative Pakistan and eradicating the belief that it is the most dangerous country in the world. The MangoBazz have their own style and mantra in bringing a positivity in the social media of Pakistan. That is the main reason of the personal engagement that have been seen to increase.



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