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Tune Player Version 4

By October 5, 2016 No Comments just recently celebrated its 4th anniversary and along with that the journey of continual improvement and alteration to the website continues. is striving to make its user interface and user experience worthwhile. is set to introduce its new player with new and improved features through the launch of Player Version 4.0.

Tune player V4 supports subtitles. The end user will now have the option of uploading subtitles with the video running the subtitles file. User Interface and user experience has drastically changed. UI is now aesthetically more beautiful with a better color scheme.1

The player ratio has increased and the icons have been changed. This is adapted according to the modern needs. UX is now more responsive. C bar is now a lot better and now you can easily drag your mouse to any specific time of the video.

With this new player, the user will also be able to alter the speed of the video in the required demand of their own. Whether they want the Video to buffer slow or faster. Apart from that the user will get the benefit of watching their playlist hassle free. In the sense that the video will not get paused on their playlist in auto play mode. Along with that the theater mode has been installed for better visual appearance of the video being played.


When the player will be active the users will experience the buffering of video a lot faster. And will enjoy the benefits of using the shortcut keys while playing that video. This along with improved and new features will surely benefit the users to the maximum level.


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