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Tune turns 4!

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1 will be celebrating its 4th anniversary this month. The organization stretches out to explore the untapped talent of Pakistan and aims to create stars out of them. Showcasing the capacity within Pakistan and promoting it locally and internationally is the mission and vision of and always has been.

The ban on YouTube in Pakistan gave an edge and the opportunity to prove itself in the market. But within these three years never took a breath of ease. The continual improvements and the resources built in these few years were to be beneficial in the days to come where all the proxy sites were taking the viewership away. After the removal of the ban on YouTube in Pakistan, viewership took an escalation due to the fact that the international audience was captured within those days. Now has established itself as one of the best video sharing site not only in Pakistan but in Middle East.

The viewership in Pakistan for is only 37%, meaning a lot of international viewers are from countries like Thailand, France, India, and Middle East etc. is one of those mediums that is helping in creating a better image of Pakistan globally and is trying to eradicate the stereotypes attached to the country.

This past year launched, a one of its kind digital interview show by the name of “Tune with Mustafa”. The show has been well received by the audience and the media fraternity as a whole. Now, is set to take a new initiative to promote music. The show will very soon be available to the audience and the production will start with Lahore and spread to other parts of Pakistan subsequently.



This year, another focus of has been to partner with local brands to create a progressive symbiotic relation through all the collaborations. Some of the partnership that have occurred in 2015-2016 are as follows

-Partnership with Ismart film as digital media for pocket cinema film festival.

-Digital media partnership with BNU festival

-Digital media partnership with Softec FAST

-Digital media partnership with Click TV

-Digital media partnership with Pakwheels

other than collaborations, many technological advancements have been introduced on site. New features have been launched and some are in the pipeline. Here is a brief summary of everything that is yet to come.

Ticketing System is a platform where has a dedicated team available for its users around the clock. Be it any general query regarding using applications, or be it corporate entity trying to reach out; the system is always there to provide online solutions. has seen only upwards trend in terms of popularity and in return an ever increasing number of traffic statistics. Just looking at exact dates a year apart one can easily judge about the augmentation of the viewership. 17th December 2015 and 17th December 2016 showed an 80% increase in the traffic generated. The first quarter of the year 2016 involved the re-launch of YouTube in Pakistan. That quarter to show an increase of 30.5% in comparison to the previous quarter.
Player v4 is built from ground-up to make it lighter and to perform better. Its complete UI overhaul is done to match latest standards. Its load time has improved drastically. Ad viewing experience has improved. Introduced video preview over seek bar. With use of modular system, player components has easily be turned ON or OFF as per requirement. has introduced live notification .With increasing demand of notifications, polling was becoming more & more expensive on servers. Web Sockets have saved the day while providing better experience to users. Users are notified when their videos are converted and when any user comment on their videos this all is done on run time. They do not have to reload any page what-so-ever. These can be turned off from Notification. has proved that a local solution can be a replacement for internet giants and we can rely on our native resources to retain the financial advantage to ourselves. Not only this, we have the potential to probably scale up these solutions to serve the audience internationally.

Jeevay Pakistan!




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