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Tune with Mustafa

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Tune with Mustafa is going to be one of its kind social media based interview program. is the proud sponsor and producer of the show. It’s an in-house initiative taken by with the aim of creating a bridge between the celebrities of Pakistan and the general audience. Since social media is a dominant medium, the interview would be released on all social media platforms and on exclusively.

Tune with Mustafa will provide our viewers a complete insight on the lifestyle of their favorite celebrities. Since people draw inspiration from famous personalities and they want to know about the highs and lows, ambitions and life journey of their beloved celebs, Tune with Mustafa will be a treat for the viewers. Not only will the show reach out to famous celebrities but also to real life heroes, people whose achievements sometimes go unnoticed will also be interviewed by us so that they can be heard and have their spot on the forefront as they deserve.

The show will be hosted by Mr.Mustafa Shah. The first episode of Tune with Mustafa releases on the 25th of February.

Follow the latest releases on the official channel here:

Have a look at the teaser of the first Episode right here!

So stay tuned to witness a jam-packed few minutes, full of controversy, drama, success stories and entertainment. Jeevay Pakistan!

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