Press release; Official Digital Media Partner for Bestival’2016

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The most sought after event in Lahore is back. Yes! We are talking about the Bestival, annually hosted by Beaconhouse National University Lahore. This time around is the Official Digital Media Partner for the event.

The Bestival tradition was started in 2012, so this year would be the 5th anniversary of the 4 day event. To mark this achievement, the theme for Bestival 2016 would center on Quintessentials (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Void). Each element signifying each year for Bestival’s commencement.

Bestival is a multi-category event that goes on for 4 days. It is the largest annual student event held by BNU. The following competitions will be held under the Bestival Banner this year: Individual singing, Standup Comedy, Journalism, Table Tennis, Ramp Jewelry, Art of Motion, Chess, Instrumental, Film Production, Battle of the Bands, Debate, Rap Battle, Arm Wrestling, Volley Ball, Gaming, Thematic Art, Business Initiative, Futsal, Fashion Design, Photography, Dramatics and Poetry and Prose.

All Bestival related videos will be available on on the following channel:

The event dates are 3-6 March. Stay tuned for updates!

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