Press release Pays Tribute To APS Martyrs

By December 16, 2015 No Comments

Every Pakistani know what transpired on 16th December, 2014. The day started off as every other normal day. Kids went to school like they do every day. Little did the students of APS Peshawar know that they will be brutally martyred by the hands of terrorists; Terrorists who call themselves Muslims but do not know that the true essence of Islam lies in peace and tolerance. 144 lives were taken away. Innocent children and teachers were vandalized.
Now a year has passed. But the nation remembers. We cannot undo what has been done but we can pledge to eradicate terrorism from our country. And there is only one way of doing it. By making education common among the masses so that everyone can distinguish right from wrong.
So today we paid a tribute to the martyrs of APS. And the tribute highlights the fact that we are ‘NOT AFRAID’ and that we are still standing strong. We will not let the sacrifice of the APS martyrs go to waste. Remember that bravery is not having a gun In your hand, bravery is not giving up.

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