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Hi Aamir, 

in response to the article posted by you.

We very much  appreciate what you have written, not only that we owe to take down pirated content by promoting which is genuine. I understand what image you perceive of and I believe we can clear it in coming days by bringing to the people what we have created so far. We are closing down all the process of Youtube videos to as it is indeed creating a mess,  our moto and our vision was never made for this kind of service. We agree we got distracted.

I am glad that you guys are actively involved in educating people, I liked what you said even a small team of is able to filter youtube content, fact is, yes we can.

but had no plans of copying youtube, our vision idea was different and perhaps we diverted from it. 

again we are going to take down this service and bringing a new model for content uploader. This can hurt us bad but thats what we have already prepared for.

I agree with things you are trying to point out but not with your entire post. Such as.

If PTA won’t act then it will mean that Tune.PK has managed to manipulate the decision makers to an extent

How are you driving such assumption? This is an incorrect statement because general audience is not aware of the processes of and its team. How we managed to pull this website to this level can be summed up in two words, Hard-work and Experience. No links or investements.

I, again, appreciate you for writing quality articles day in day out. It is all because of support and criticism offered by brilliant people like you that we have managed to get here and I believe you will appreciate us for the steps we will take to stop this and bring something we can say totally is ‘Made in Pakistan’.

P.S I request you to change PTA statement.


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