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Spamming is the biggest the nightmare of Internet. No website on internet is spared by this demon and is no different. To minimize the spam and enhance the user experience is introducing a User Level System.

This new system will assign a User Level to every user. All existing users will get a level automatically based on their activities. From now on the system will automatically assign a Basic User Level I to every new user. Once you surpass the Basic User Level I, you will than have to request team to switch you to the next level. With progressing through User Levels, you will have to make a request every time you are eligible for next level.

The User Levels are:

Basic Level I

Basic Level I will be assigned to all new users. In this level user can upload upto 10 videos maximum. All the uploaded videos will have to go through moderation before they can be made publicly available.

Basic Level II

Basic Level II will have upload limit of 25 videos. In this level users videos will not go in moderation and will be available publicly as soon as they upload.

Basic Level III

Basic Level III will have upload limit of 100 videos. No moderation required in this level as well.

Intermediate Level I

Intermediate Level I will have an upload limit of 500 videos

Intermediate Level II

Intermediate Level II will have an upload limit of 750 videos.

Semi Pro Level

Semi Pro will have an upload limit of 1500 videos.

Pro Level
Pro will have an upload limit of 5000 videos

Publisher Level I

Publisher will have an upload limit of 10000 videos.

Publisher Level II

Publisher Level II will have an upload limit of 25000 videos.

Producer Level

If you surpasses the Publisher Level II, you will be switched to the Producer level where you can upload unlimited videos.

These measures had to be taken to improve both the user and uploader experience. Some might find these procedures irritating but to control the spamming only automation is not enough. A spammer can trick the automatic system but not human.

Note: Moderation is mandatory only in Basic Level I

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