How to embed videos on Vbulletin based forums

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Hello guys, i have seen many users are posting videos on vbulletin but they are not able to embed it properly so here is a small guide for forum administrators to make BB code and let their users embed videos easily.

This is for vbulletin based forums, please write me a note if someone wants to post on other forums too.

Setup Guide

1. Goto Admin CP > Custom BB Codes > Add new BB Code

add bbcode button

2. Set The Following Settings

Title :
BB Code Tag name : tune
<iframe width=”650″ height=”360″ src=”{param}&width=650&height=360&autoplay=no” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Note : make sure all params are in DOUBLE quotes, wordpress encodes doublequotes.

Example : [tune]1112[/tune] Description : Embed videos
Use {option} : No
Button Image :
Remove Tag if empty : Yes
Disable BB Code Within This : Yes
Leave the rest as is…

and Save it…thats it

How to embed videos

1. Get video id from website e.g if you want to get video id of this video

7019 is its video id

2. Now create new post or edit existing, click on small button icon and paste your video in [tune]..[/tune] tag e.g [tune]7019[/tune] this will embed vide


Thats it folks 😀

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